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I will send detailed info once handshake is complete..the following link is the site that must be used for the final project….This si te provides a free website building platform to be used for the completion of your Final Project.
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 Home Page Briefly introduce yourself and provide information regarding your professional background. Summarize your experiences within the Psychology program at Ashford University and what you hope to do upon graduation. You may include a professional photograph as well.Literature Review Create a brief literature review that presents a fair and comprehensive analysis of relevant literature pertaining to the topic you chose in Week One. This page must include the following: A brief introduction of the topic and its relevance (300 to 500 words).Three to five peer-reviewed articles based on applied psychological research. Each of the articles must directly relate to your chosen topic.A one- to two-paragraph (500 to750 words total) analysis and summary for each article.A reference list at the bottom of the page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.Expert Opinions Begin with the work you completed for the Mental Health Disciplines discussion in Week Three. In this section, you will demonstrate your awareness of the psychological career alternatives in a community setting and take on the role of two experts in different fields of psychology.  You will also evaluate contributions of psychological research in the applied context of these experts and discuss methodological issues unique to their areas of psychological research.   Take into consideration the comments your classmates and your instructor made on your discussion post.Include information from at least two peer-reviewed articles of your choosing that were published within the last five years to substantiate your experts’ claims.  The sources may not be any of those that are listed within this course.  For information on how to generate search terms for specific resources, visit the Ashford University Library website.Make any necessary changes to your presentation and create a new oral video presentation using a screencast program such as Jing and Screencast-O-Matic. You may also use YouTube or a voiceover PowerPoint saved as a video file with audio. Using the instructions on the platform, embed the video of your oral presentation (screencast or video) in the Expert Opinions page of your website. As an alternative to embedding your video, you may copy and paste a working URL on the Expert Opinions page.Résumés Begin with the work you completed for the Develop Professional Résumés assignment in Week Three. Based on the feedback from your instructor, make the recommended changes to the résumés you created for the two experts from the Presentation by Experts discussion in Week Three and the Expert Opinions web page you created.
Next, create your own professional résumé, that includes brief descriptions of the major duties associated with any relevant work experience you have.
Your résumé should appear first on the page followed by the résumés you created for the experts.To begin constructing your personal résumé, utilize the Resume Builder tool provided by Ashford University. This will allow you to create drafts of your résumé so that you may revise and refine your assignments before submitting them. Because your final project will be available for public viewing, do not include your actual personal contact information (i.e., address, phone number, email).To utilize this tool:Log into the Ashford University Student PortalClick on Job Search & Resume Builder link under Career ServicesGo to the My Documents TabSelect the Resume Builder TabCreate, save and edit these résumés to meet your assignment guidelines.Case Study Begin with the work you completed for the Case Study: Evaluating Ashford University Institutional & Program Outcomes assignment in Week One.Review the feedback you received from your instructor and then create a case study that takes on the role you did not pursue.If you used your own story or that of a willing volunteer for the original assignment, then you will create a case study for a fictitious character.If you created a character for the case study in the original assignment, then you will use your own story or that of a willing adult volunteer.In this section, you will:
Create a 750- to 1000-word case study of a real (either yourself or a willing adult volunteer) or fictitious person who has developed the competencies of their academic program at Ashford University.  Evaluate your real or fictitious person’s learning within the program as it contributes to the overall attainment of the institutional outcomes.Include at least one personal life example and one career example of applying the competencies to resolve personal challenges and an ethical dilemma (e.g., a client or research subject reveals compromising information about a friend or family member who also happens to be someone you know in a personal/social context).Create or describe a scenario in which the person wrestles with an issue related to the assigned research topic in her or his personal and/or professional life. Be specific in your discussion of the scenario and provide details demonstrating professional problem solving on the part of the person in your case study.Include a section wherein your fictitious person or you articulate a personal point of view, evaluate evidence, determine options for responding and evaluate the pros and cons of the options prior to making a decision about a course of action within the scenario.Conclude with how the problem was resolved and what the person learned while at Ashford University that assisted in an effective resolution.Websites Create an annotated list of 10 to 12 reputable, professional websites (e.g., government agencies, professional organizations, professional associations…) that are relevant to psychological research and practice. Commercial or non-academic websites may not be used for this assignment.Consider the merits of each website.  Based on your knowledge of scholarly applications of psychological research, evaluate the use of scholarly applied psychological research and analyze the interpretations that are presented on each site.  For information on how to evaluate web resources, visit the Ashford University Library website.  The list should be in alphabetical order with each website cited according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.The annotations should be four to five sentences long and reflect the relevance and usefulness of each website in terms of your topics of psychological research and your professional needs.

In addition, your website must:Include a footer with the date submitted (in Copyright section).Address the topics of each page with critical thought.Use the number of peer-reviewed sources listed with the instructions for each web page.Document all sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.  Include a separate reference section at the bottom of each web page, for the sources used on that page, formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.