angina pectoris

 angina pectoris

Question 1

A 51-year-old male presents with recurrent chest pain on exertion. He is diagnosed with angina pectoris. When he asks what causes the pain, how should the nurse respond? The pain occurs when:

The vagus nerve is stimulated

Cardiac output has fallen below normal levels

The myocardial oxygen supply has fallen below demand

Myocardial stretch has exceeded the upper limits

Question 2

Which of the following lab tests will the nurse check to help diagnose heart failure and provide insight into its severity?


Renin level


Brain natriuretic

Question 3

A 72-year-old female has a history of right heart failure caused by a right ventricular myocardial infarction. Which of the following symptoms are specifically related to her right heart failure?

Significant edema to both lower legs and feet


Decreased urine