Anatomy & Physiology



● Students will engage in critical thinking regarding the systems of the human body and pathology in Anatomy, and specifically the for the following topics:
Integumentary, musculoskeletal, pulmonary, respiratory, urinary, circulatory, male/female reproductive, electrolytes/hydration, endocrine, and immune/lymphatic.

SPECIFIC TOPIC/Assigned pathology: Asthma

-Students will be assigned pathology 2 week of the course, they will be assigned to develop a Research Document Report and PowerPoint by apply researched information on their topic.

  1. Define the disease,
  2. Cause of the disease,
  3. Signs & Symptoms of the disease (If apply, include
    stages, levels, or types of the disease),
  4. Laboratory findings (include, all blood test names, genetic
    test, urine test, i.e.) Must include all normal versus
    abnormal levels that will confirm the disease,
  5. Images of the Disease (X-ray, MRI, Ct Scans, PET scans),
  6. Treatment for the disease (this includes name of the
    medications, dosage, side effects, alternative medications,
  7. Diet for the patient,
  8. Demographics of the disease,
  9. Prognosis of the disease,
  10. Photos of the disease throughout the PowerPoint
  11. 11. All students must apply APA and writing style format.
  12. References must be within the last 5 years and no less than 10 references.

-All references are to be included in the PowerPoint presentation and Written Report in APA format.


● Google scholar, eMedicine, World Health Origination (WHO), Center for Disease and Prevention Control (CDC), Web-Med, MayoCLinic, and other healthcare organizations, i.e

Recommended reading:

Martini, Nath, & Bartholomew. Fundamental’s Of Anatomy & Physiology, 11th Edition. Pearson