American University Andrea Pennington vs Amy Cuddy Venn Diagram

)Using this information, create a Venn Diagram (for your convenience, I’m attaching a template that you can use for this diagram, but feel free to create your own) that compares these two individuals! On the same document, please provide an explanation of why you chose that specific stage. Be sure to r eference the videos and/or textbook as you prepare your rationale as you write. Upload your Venn Diagram to Moodle; your assignment Venn Diagram_Template.pptx

Watch Dr. Andrea Pennington’s TEDx IUM talk

Watch “Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are”

Think about the word that Dr. Pennington used that relates to your textbook term social actor .

How do the two relate? *hint*… the word is mask !

Considering how Dr. Pennington’s message relates to the self as a motivated agent, answer this:

How have you been a motivated agent?

Upload your responses (at least 1 page) to the questions posed to you in Activities 4 & 5 to Moodle; your assignment