ADHA Code of Ethics

This assignment will include two parts. First, you will be asked to take a closer look at Section 7 (Beemsterboer text, page 49 – 51) from the ADHA Code of Ethics, Standards of Professional Responsibility, and respond with your personal examples on how you demonstrate your commitment/obligation to the stated responsibility.

Secondly, you will be asked to reflect upon an ethical dilemma (under Responsibility “To Ourselves as Individuals” …. seek the advice and counsel of others when challenged with ethical dilemma”) you have encountered in either your professional practice or in your personal life where they were forced to make an ethical compromise based on the dilemma. Include one core value or ethical principle that was involved. Reflecting back on the compromise today, would you have done anything differently?

Note: there is no word count for either sections, but it is expected that you specifically explain in detail your responses. An APA title page is required. If you used an additional source, please include an in-text citation with a separate reference page as well.