Addiction discussion board

Choose something of significance to give up for the next 8 modules/weeks. You could choose something like Facebook, Twitter, texting (except for emergencies), all sweets, chocolate, soda, coffee, tea, iPod, TV, computer games, watching sports, watching the news, etc. What you choose depends on you. It should be something meaningful enough for it to be somewhat difficult to give up and should be something you engage in/with on a daily or almost daily basis.

Keep a daily journal and record the following: thoughts, emotions and behaviors. In other words, did you ever obsess about the object/activity? Were the thoughts intrusive/disruptive? How did you feel when others were engaged with/in the object/activity and you did not? Was there pressure by others to give in? Did you ever relapse? What thoughts and emotions emerged if you did? How did you rationalize the relapse activity?


200 word initial post PART ONE

200 words for replies (100 words for each classmate) PART TWO