2-3 pg paper with charts or graph

Stress and Coping Project You will create, manage, and apply a chosen coping or relaxation technique and keep a journal of your overall well-being. For two weeks straight, you will engage in a reliable technique (e.g., meditation) for 1015 minutes every day. Before each session, you will record your overall mood and stress using the Daily Stress and Coping Entry Form (available in Doc Sharing). You should have an entry form for each day. Before and after beginning the project, you will evaluate your overall mood. 


Write a general overview on the benefits of the stress management technique you used, the challenges you encountered in trying to utilize the technique, and whether you plan on using the learned technique in the future. Included in this paper should be a summary of results using a chart, graph, or other presentation of personal data. This report should be between two and three double-spaced pages using APA style formatting.