Urinary Tract Infection

Review the urinary infectious cases and determine the most likely cause, including pathogen and mode of transmission. Discuss data that supports your decision and treatment strategies

A 45-year-old woman is complaining of urgency and dysuria for the past 2 days. Yesterday, she started getting chills, feels she is getting a fever, and her back hurts. 

    • Past medical history: UTI 1 year ago.
    • Medications: none.
    • Allergies: no known drug allergy (NKDA).
    • Physical examination: temperature 100°F, pulse 86 beats per minute; respirations 18 per minute; blood pressure 110/70 mmHg; positive costovertebral angle and suprapubic tenderness, otherwise unremarkable; urine dipstick reveals positive leukocytes but negative for nitrites and blood.
  1. What is the most likely diagnosis and pathogen causing this disorder and mode of transmission?
  2. Discuss data that support your decision.
  3. What diagnostic test, if any, should be done? What diagnostic test findings would support your diagnosis?
  4. Develop a treatment plan for this patient.