Technology Research Preliminary Proposal

Briefly describe a technology project proposal you would consider implementing in your current (or most current) practice environment utilizing a minimum of three research articles related to your proposal. Discuss how each of these research articles pertains to the development of your proposal by integrating or using an example with your discussion. Provide substantial evidence from the literature supporting your discussion. 

Scholarly Project Assignment #1 Rubric

Introduction: Identify a technology project proposal and its significance for implementation. (25 percent)

Background: Describe the practice environment, and provide a minimum of 3 research articles to support this initiative.  Explain the clinical background and present evidence to support your personal decision-making for implementation. (25 percent)

Synthesis: Discuss each of the articles as they relate to the development of your proposal.   Provide integration of the research as it pertains to the support of your proposal.  Please include evidence-based material which supports discussion (25 percent)

Conclusion/Summary: Provide a summation of the evidence of the findings as it pertains to proposal and why a decision to implement holds significance (25 percent)