Remote collaboration and evidence based care


This assignment is based on a scenario (Vila Health Remote Collaboration on Evidence-Care media scenario) which I uploaded, please read the scenario so you can complete the assignment, you will not be able to complete it without reading the scenario.

You also need to use EBP model for this assignment, which I also uploaded.

I also uploaded an assignment example to help you understand what is expected in the assignment. The homework example is on a topic different from the villa health remote collaboration scenario, but you can use it to follow the model.

This homework does not require APA format, APA format is only required for the reference page. Thank you so much for your hard work I promise you a good tip after this homework, here are the instructions!!!


  • Propose an evidence-based care plan to improve the safety and outcomes for a patient based on the Vila Health Remote Collaboration on Evidence-Care media scenario. Notes areas in which further information or data could have been useful in developing the plan.
  • Explain the ways in which an EBP model was used to help develop the care plan. Notes ideas for how to evaluate the positive benefits to patient outcomes.
  • Reflect on which evidence was most relevant and useful when making decisions regarding the care plan. Discusses the rationale or criteria that was used to determine relevance and usefulness.
  • Identify benefits and strategies to mitigate the challenges of interdisciplinary collaboration to plan care within the context of a remote team. Discusses how interdisciplinary collaboration could be better leveraged to improve outcomes in future care situations.
  • Communicate in a professional manner that is easily audible and uses proper grammar, including a reference list formatted in current APA style.
  • Cite at least three professional or scholarly sources of evidence to support the assertions you make in your video. Include additional properly cited references as necessary to support your statements.



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