Reflection of Rosa Parks


The title of your journal entry should be â€œReflection on _____ (insert the name of the person you chose) as a Servant Leader”.

Please write clearly, concise and in a professional tone. Please reference any sources as it applies in APA 7th edition format (2019).

  • Reflect on the person of your personal choice; either Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, Florence Nightingale or Harriet Tubman.
  • Who is this precious servant leader? What did she do? Why did she do it? What was her motivation?
  • Read and convey something she said in her life about serving others. As you reflect on this, please include the reference and the application personally and professionally as you are becoming a Servant Leader.

*If you cannot find something she said about serving others, what has been written about her as a Servant Leader and helping others.

  • Identify any attribute of her leadership. Elaborate on this attribute, why you chose it and how you may apply it to a challenging situation, as you are becoming a Servant Leader.

— As you reflect, consider how many were in opposition to her, how did she respond, why and how did she do that?

—As you reflect, consider what if she did not do what she did as a Servant Leader? How may our world be different today?

  • Please feel free to share anything else about _____ (her name) to help you as you are becoming a Servant Leader