Professional Organizational Paper

Brief Introduction

Identify the professional organization and the policy issue that interests you.


Define the issue and the underlying problem. Analysis of an issue includes discussing the particular health policy area where change may be needed. How is it affecting that policy arena? What is the current law, regulation, or policy?


Describe the background of the organization, how it is organized, and the type of issues that they are involved with. Use a policy analysis framework to explore the issue, the political, social, economic, legal, and ethic factors that surround the issue. Provide a thorough explanation of the problem’s background, relevance, and possible future consequences if not remedied. This should include a review of literature on the issue, including previous studies or legislative/regulatory action on the issue. Who are the stakeholders that are affected? What is the controversy or conflict? Give the position of nursing organization(s).

Policy Options

Provide a discussion of possible alternative policy-related options for handling the problem and objectives of each (usually 3 are given). Always assume limited resources. Identify pros and cons for each option with regard to its impact on nursing, other professionals/providers, consumers, society, etc. Compare the alternatives and give a comparative ranking for each, including a rationale for you ranking. Comparison should include costs, benefits, effectiveness, and efficiency.


Recommend a solution and identify at least two ways that you could get involved in the efforts of the organization. Discuss how you will develop consensus, and who you will need to support your policy option. Sensitivity to relevance for different sectors of government/organizations should be evident

Final Conclusions

Grammar/APA Format





MY CHOICE OF ORGANIZATION IS American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP)