Scenario 2: Mr. Jones is a 54-year-old man with complaints of a scratchy, raw sore throat and painful swallowing, mild productive cough, and runny nose for the past 2 days. He says his sputum is whitish-yellow. His ears feel full, and he feels like he is getting achy. He reports taking throat lozenges and denies nausea, fever, shortness of breath, chest pain, or headache. He states he teaches in a high school and a lot of his students have had colds. 

  • Medications: none.
  • Allergies: none.
  • Social history: nonsmoker and does not drink alcohol.
  • Physical examination: vital signs – temperature 99.0°F; pulse 84 beats per minute; respirations 18 per minute; blood pressure 120/70 mmHg.
  • General: cough during exam.
  • HEENT: unremarkable except for mild erythematous oropharynx with no exudates; nares with mild erythema and scant yellowish discharge.
  • Neck, CV, Lungs, Abdomen: unremarkable.

Answer the following questions or provide responses based on this scenario. 

  1. What is the most likely diagnosis and pathogen causing this disorder and mode of transmission?
  2. Discuss data that support your decision.
  3. What diagnostic test, if any, should be done?
  4. Develop a treatment plan for this patient.
  5. Compare the causes, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, and treatment of pharyngitis in these two cases.