Microblading Marketing Plan and Budget

Assignment 4 – Marketing Budget and Marketing Plan (PO1, PO4, CO5, ILO.SK4, BIS2, IS1, IS4, IS5, AL1)

Create your complete marketing budget, to include the distribution of marketing funds to directional, creative, and call-to-action advertising, and marketing platforms for each type of advertising. Include a brief narrative explaining your purpose and reasoning of the distribution of funds. Next, develop your complete marketing plan (executive summary, introduction, target segmentation, target customer, your USP), including the distribution channels, promotional strategy, and marketing strategy (see Lesson 4). Include a justification narrative of your choices. You should be drawing on previous program coursework and refining it for your capstone.

Minimum 3 pages

Minimum 1 spreadsheet (can have multiple tabs)

Minimum 3 promotional materials including graphics


Marketing channels will be Facebook, Instagram, and Groupon (Groupon is for advertising a discounted price)..(maybe a grand opening price)

The budget is $1500 for advertisement for business cards, a business sign for the salon building, and flyers


Please follow directions and add anything that will assist in making this paper great! Also, please make sure MICROBLADING is spelled correctly.

Thank you!