Learning outcome table

Download the following Word document:Learning Outcomes TableDownload Learning Outcomes Table

Complete Objectives 1 – 10 of the Learning Outcomes Table.

Using The Essentials: Competencies for Professional Nursing Education Download The Essentials: Competencies for Professional Nursing Educationcomplete columns 2 and 3.

  • Refer to the Level 2 competencies from the essentials labeled Advanced Level Nursing Education to complete Column 2. Select the competency goal(s) that aligns best with what you want to learn from this health systems leadership practicum experience and include its numerical assigned value.
  • Columns 2 and 3 should be completed in collaboration with your preceptor. 
  • For Column 3, explain how you plan to meet the competencies you listed in Column 2. initially (e.g., what activities or tasks will you do). Column 3 will be fluid in that you will continue to add the activities and task you engage in during your practicum experience that aligns with the competency.