Holistic Care in Advanced Practice Nursing

Holistic Care in Advanced Practice Nursing

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Holistic Nursing care is the ability to treat the patient and its entirety (Fryburg et al., 2021). Having the knowledge to care for the patient mind, body, and soul. As a patient whether the illness be physical or mental, when illness occurs the patient is affected in every way possible. Holism goes beyond the actions taken. It includes words of encouragement, charismatic physical contact, and gentle gestures. In this discussion thread, I will describe holistic care and four ways I can implement holistic care to promote recovery.

Holistic is the importance of improvement of all body systems and not just the projected illness(Adib Hajbaghery & Bolandian, 2020). The idea is to compress all parts into each other. These connections include mental, physical, and social connections. The holistic practitioner focuses on relatable and non-relatable problems. The concept includes believing that all members have healing abilities within, treating the person not just the disease and fixing the cause of the condition.

Ways that an Advance Nurse Practitioner (APN) can implement a holistic nursing approach to care and promote healing. (APN) Holistic care can be implemented by listening accurately and communicating clearly with patients. This process involves more than just listening but involves an effective interpretation of receiving information that the patient is delivering. Efficient communication skills include critical listening and therapeutic communication. Other methods include eye contact and offering kindness. Eye contact is important as it shows the patient that you have their full attention. Providing kindness is a quality that can produce better patient outcomes.


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