Good Leaders Fail Well

Good Leaders Fail Well


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Often when we hear the word failure, we do not always see the lessons, the beauty and character refinement God is doing within and all around. As we look on the journey of “Becoming Servant Leaders”, remember we have and will fail, but it’s not the failure that will define us, but how will we respond? What will become from it? How may God be glorified?

Please describe a situation in which as a Leader either you failed at something or you were a part of a failure. Please describe it clearly, while maintaining confidentiality for the site, preceptor, staff, patients and anyone involved. 

  1. How did you handle the situation? Please consider your leadership style at that time. Is your leadership style being refined? Why or why not?
  2. As you are learning more about things at the system level, cause/effect what was the reason for this situation? Please respond in a professional tone, while integrating the application of knowledge from Betty Neuman’s System Model, IHI- Fish bone, the AACN Essential Domains and from the readings in your textbook.
  3. As you are becoming a Servant Nurse Leader, in retrospect, what have you learned from this situation? Consider how has God used it to transform you? How was God glorified? How has that failure/situation helped you on the journey of “Becoming a Servant Leader”? Please write in APA format and integrate various resources such as, but not limited to the Holy Bible, the article for this assignment and evidence based practice (from your textbook, journals and/or articles).

Fishbone- Reducing high rate dislodgment 

AACN- reduce the incidence of falls and enhance safety