Evidence-based project proposal

Assignment Prompt The purpose of the signature assignment is for students to apply the research and EBP concepts they have learned in this course and develop a framework for the initial steps of the student’s capstone project. 

-This formal paper will include and expand upon work completed thus far in prior assignments.

 Essential Components of the Final Project Proposal will include:   

 â€¢ Introduction– Provide an introduction to your topic or project. The introduction gives the reader an accurate, concrete understanding what the project will cover and what can be gained from implementation of this project. • Overview of the Problem – Discuss the problem,  why the problem is worth exploring and the potential contribution of the proposed project to the discipline of nursing. 

• Project Purpose Statement – Provide a declarative sentence or two which summarizes the specific topic and goals of the project. 

• Background and Significance – State the importance of the problem and emphasize what is innovative about your proposed project. Discuss the potential impact of your project on your anticipated results to the betterment of health and/or health outcomes.

 â€¢ PICOt formatted Clinical Project Question(s)– Provide the Population, Intervention, Comparison, Expected Outcomes and Timeframe for the proposed project. • Literature Review – Provide the key terms used to guide a search for evidence and discuss at least five (5) summaries of relevant, credible, recent, evidence-based research studies to support the project proposal. • Critical Appraisal of Literature – Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the evidence, what is known from the evidence and what gaps in evidence were found from the appraisal of evidence-based research studies.

 â€¢ Develop an EBP Standard – Describe two to three interventions (or a bundle of care) from the evidence and discuss how individual patient preferences or the preferences of others will be considered. 

• Implications – Summarize the potential contributions of the proposed project for nursing research, education and practice.



ear writter this is the Final paper for the PICOT question you have develope on previous weeks. 

Does exercise and mental health practice among healthcare workers reduces burnout in comparison to those who do not practice? 

Please let me know if you need the previous assignments to follow from.