Community Health Action Plan

This is not a paper, the assignment need to be completed within the template,Please use the template provided to complete the assessment. I attached the template, I also attached a homework example to give you a idea of what is required for the homework. Please me know if you have any questions.

This assessment brings together aspects of the other three assessments in the course. The goal is to create an implementable action plan to achieve a SMART goal addressing the community-health need you have been exploring throughout the course.

To prepare to successfully create your Community Health Action Plan, it is recommended you complete the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Action Plan Template you will be completing as your assessment artifact.
    • Consult your previous assessments, and the feedback you received on them, to focus on what areas you should focus on when completing the template.
  • It may be helpful to complete the Community Health Programs formative activity.


For this assessment, create a detailed action plan to promote wellness and disease management by addressing your chosen health problem you have been working on throughout this course. Based on feedback received on your previous assessments, design a plan you could implement in a health care organization (such as a hospital, physician practice, or federally qualified health center) to address a specific SMART goal.

Make sure you download and complete the Action Plan Template. Only submit the completed template for your assessment. Do not submit a paper for this assessment. Papers will not be graded.

Consult the scoring guide to ensure that you are addressing all criteria at the level to which you desire. 

When completing the template, be sure you address the following:

  • Define a goal for an action plan.
  • Evaluate an organization best suited to implement a community-health intervention.
    • Identify a specific organization best suited to address the problem and implement the potential solution you have selected based on your work in the other assessments in the course.
      • Why is the organization best suited to address your chosen health problem?
      • Why is the organization best suited to implement your potential solution?
      • How is the organization best suited to engage and help the affected populations in the community?
  • Identify roles, tasks, and time frames required to implement a plan.
    • This criterion is related to the first two columns in the template.
      • Be sure to detail the specific tasks that must be completed based on the research you have conducted in the first column.
        • Identify the roles of all stakeholders needed to implement your plan. Explain why they are needed.
      • For each task, be sure to identify an appropriate and realistic timeframe to complete the task in the second column.
  • Formulate criteria for evaluation of task completion.
    • This criterion is related to the third column of the template.
      • Make specific connections between these criteria and evidence-based strategies to promote wellness and disease management for a population.
  • Identify human, capital, and material resources needed to complete tasks in a plan.
    • This criterion is related to the fourth column of the template, as well as the Key Stakeholders section.
      • For the stakeholders:
        • Which stakeholders are required to complete each task?
        • What are the roles of the stakeholders?
          • In other words, why are the specific stakeholders needed?
      • Additionally, make sure you identify any other people, capital, materials, and so on, needed to complete a task.
  • Write clearly, with correct spelling, grammar, and syntax, and good organization.
  • Apply proper APA formatting and style.

Additional Requirements

  • Written communication: Ensure content is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA: Use current-edition APA style and formatting guidelines, including citations and a reference page in the second tab of the Action Plan Template.
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