Advancing the cause

Discuss the most personally meaningful key points you have learned over the past eight weeks about the impact of grassroots policy initiatives and the role of nurse leaders in improving health outcomes and/or impacting barriers to practice by their engagement in policy processes. 

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Advancing the Cause


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Advancing the Cause

The Nursing Leadership and Health Policy class has confirmed the importance of recognizing leadership as a critical nursing skill. Furthermore, it has given me the capacity to navigate the turbulent waters of health policy. I understand now that I have the power to make a change and that my voice counts, and my responsibility is to advocate not only for my patients but also for my colleagues and me.

Patton et al. (2019) state, “nurses have a duty to be active in policy, whether it is its creation or implementation or any aspect that advances the profession and issues of concern” (p. 6). Therefore, leadership should go hand in hand with policy, as they are deeply related. Of course, this deep relationship should move us to political activism, at a micro or macro level, just being part of the change in our hospital or community or assuming responsibilities, being appointed to office, or lobbying for political change.

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) makes the following statement on its web page “You instinctively advocate for your patients, but legislative and political advocacy is no less important to advancing your role as an NP and ensuring excellence in patient care” (2022). After this class, I have a newfound respect for political advocacy, as it is thanks to those currently advocating for us that we are where we are, and we have the rights and privileges that we have. And I write privilege because I believe it is an honor to have the trust of so many people who are confident, we can practice the way we do and do it to our fullest potential.


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