Advance Practice Nurse Advocacy

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Advance Practice Nurse Advocacy


Advocacy means principles of respect for human dignity, the right to self-determination, and the primacy of patients’ interests (ANA,2015). Advocacy is based on individual /family focus and public focus. NP role in client-based advocacy involves autonomy, helping people identify their needs, and providing coaching to meet those needs. Public-based advocacy aims to influence legislators and lawmakers to change policies to improve public health. APRNs must have empathetic listening skills, self-confidence, assertiveness, collaboration, and communication (Joel,2018).

 As I am working in an acute hospital setting, verbal and physical patient abuse incidents continuously occur in the health care environment. Tolerating and ignoring this kind of behavior occurs for multiple reasons, including fear of retaliation, the need for peer acceptance, concerns for personal advancement. Health care providers have ethical and professional responsibility to advocate for patients when incidents of abuse occur.  Broad communication, providing continuous education, zero tolerance of unacceptable behavior, and creating a code of mutual respect are the primary steps to eliminating patient abuse mentally and physically. Mutual respect and dignity for staff members and patients will also provide the best outcomes.

APRN organizations advocate removing the state and federal barriers to APRN practice and care. Nurse practitioners have the opportunity and responsibility to advocate on behalf of their clients.


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