A Case for My Faith

In no more than 10 pages of text (including a cover and reference page), student should submit an APA style defense paper that defends the position of their faith using the criteria below. Recommend writing this paper about YOUR faith.

Introduction of your faith: What do you believe?- 10 points

Background: What are the origins of your faith? How did you get to this place of belief? – 15 points

Defend your faith: Provide supportive evidence of your faith, with at least three points to affirm your faith. Important: You will want to identify if it is truth and what makes it truth. –  20 points

Alternative viewpoint of your faith: What are things people believe or say that opposes your faith? What would your response be, if you were sharing your faith as you consider this alternative viewpoint? – 20 points

Integration of faith: Consider how you can personally and professionally integrate your faith in everything your do and why that is important. As you contemplate this component, consider whether or not your faith impacts your identity, life, and eternity. If so, why or why not?  – 15 points

Conclusion – 10 points

APA format: 7th edition, APA format with a title page and reference page – The author writes clearly, concise, and in a professional tone defending their position of their faith. – 10 points

Total Points: 100 points