Reducing the Incidence of Falls and Enhancing Patient Safety


For the Literature Review, John Hopkins Grid Analysis & the Updated Literature Review it will be a work in progress with the theme related as a Servant Leader Role to best improve the healthcare outcomes for a problem identified in the Practicum Setting you are working this semester. Therefore for this assignment, please: 

  1. Perform a Literature Review related as a Servant Nurse Leader Role with a problem in the Practicum setting you are assigned. It will be important that you integrate how to best improve the healthcare outcomes in the Practicum Setting as a Servant Nurse Leader.
      • Please identify a well-defined research question with PICO components.
  2. Submit a 3 page literature review paper (excluding cover and reference pages).
  3. Submit a John Hopkins Evidence Analysis Grid Table with 2-3 articles that are less than 5 years. *By the end of the semester, you will need to do a minimum of 5 articles
  4. The scholarly paper must follow the current 7th edition (2019) APA format.

NOTE: You will want to download the Evidence Analysis Grid Download Evidence Analysis Gridto get started with this assignment.



Attached is a copy of the grading rubric.