Nursing Simulation Scenario: Physical Assessment

Clinical/Simulation Make-Up Assignment 1

If you have missed one simulation or clinical, your assignment is listed below.

Step 1:

Complete the simulation admission ticket and medication cards listed on the admission ticket.

Step 2:

Post those assignments to Canvas under simulation make up assignments

Step 3:

Watch the video link below to view the recorded simulation scenario: Inpatient Physical Assessment Simulation

Step 4:

Complete a 2 page paper in APA format that discusses what impact this scenario could have on your future practice and

how you would implement the change going forward.

Step 5:

Upload your APA formatted paper to the Canvas assignment for simulation/Clinical make up assignments.

This assignment and all other make-up assignments are due by no later than 6/20/2021 at 2359. Late assignments will

not be accepted and failure to complete the assignments will result in course failure.






 Discuss current nursing research and its relationship to clinical practice with individual’s experiencing surgery, and sensory, immunologic, integumentary, acid-base, and oxygenation problems (SLO- 2)

 Recognize and respect the individual’s and family’s cultural beliefs when providing nursing care. (SLO – 3, 6)

 Apply knowledge from the health sciences and humanities in the care of adults experiencing surgery, and sensory, immunologic, integumentary, acid-base, and oxygenation problems. (SLO – 1,2,)

 Demonstrate effective communication skills with individuals, families, peers, and other health care providers. (SLO – 3, 6)

 Develop, implement, and evaluate individualized teaching plans for individuals in acute and community based settings. (SLO -4, 5, 6)

 Collaborate with individuals, families, and other health care providers in planning and implementing nursing care. (SLO – 6 )

 Identify legal and ethical issues having impact on the care of individuals experiencing surgery, and sensory, immunologic, integumentary, acid-base, and oxygenation problems. (SLO – 7 )

 Demonstrate responsibility and accountability in the provision of nursing care. (SLO -7, 8)


Session: Simulation/Clinical Make-Up Assignment 1 Scenario: Physical Assessment (inpatient hospital setting)

Please review the following PRIOR to your simulation experience:

Chapter 16 Nursing Assessment; Fundamentals of Nursing Textbook Chapter 31 Health Assessment and Physical Examination Video – Inpatient Physical Assessment Simulation

MEDICATIONS: Norvasc 5 mg PO daily, allopurinol 100 mg PO daily


Answer these questions prior to Simulation Session (Attach answers to this ticket for admission to simulation session. Without this ticket and completed questions you will not be allowed to participate in the scheduled scenarios).

1. When conducting a head to toe assessment, what sources of data should the nurse consider?

2. What are the components of the Nursing Health History?

3. What is the purpose of the physical examination?

4. Discuss the steps for assessing Pupils and Irises during the eye examination.

5. Discuss the order of physical assessment of the abdomen.

6. When assessing level of consciousness what questions could be asked to assess for person, place, time, and situation?