DQ 1 Introduction

Introduce yourself, why are you interested in taking the course?  What do you hope to learn from it?  What do you identify with in C. S. Lewis’ book? Original posts should be 200-250 words (please, no more than that!), and secondary posts (if used) must be limited to 200 words and should reflect engagement with what others have posted as much as possible.   Remember, active engagement (allowing for differences in personal style) is expected for discussions. You are required to make one original post at the beginning of the bi-weekly discussion. Then, you are required to make at least one additional thoughtful response to another student’s contribution (each post worth max of 5 points/week). The two required responses to the discussion must not occur on the same day. The first posting must be done by Wednesday, with a final posting done by Saturday evening (all are due by 11:59pm, ET).